Helios - Reactive socket middleware for .NET

Build high-peformance network applications easily and powerfully.

Helios is a Netty-inspired library that makes it easy for .NET developers to create high throughput applications on top of network protocols like TCP, UDP, and more.

Powerful APIs

Takes the complexity out of socket programming with intelligent I/O, concurrency, buffer management, and pipelining APIs.


Helios is Reactive - it uses a event-driven architecture to simplify development and build responsive systems that scale.


Performance is a cross-cutting concern we factor in at every level in the design of the framework in order to eliminate overhead for your apps and clients.


Helios powers the clustering and remoting capbilities built into Akka.NET and more.

Helios 2.0 is underway. Get involved!

The specifications for Helios 2.0 are now public and we are openly calling for contributors.

Get involved!